Things I like

– the brilliance of wikipedia
– walking into a bookstore/library and feeling excited about possibilities
– crostini
– road trips
– ‎batting cages
– writing
– fireflies
– bloopers from funny tv shows/movies
– my roommate Alex’s laugh out loud
– blue bottle coffee
– wifi names like “Vaderbunny”
– productive/creative Friday nights
– open house art walks
– different kinds of really good teas
– a restorative, mind restoring nap
– folding laundry and almost being done
– freshly opened cans of soda
– going to Barnes and Noble and being inspired by all the different books
– interviews with musicians
– playing board games and getting to know a group of people
– a fully stocked kitchen with just the things you need to eat
– going to sleep in your own bed and pillow after a trip
– Moving and living in different rooms/apts with different views
– freshly washed sheets
– electronic products that work quickly and are shiny and new
– hot showers at night
– cold showers during the summertime
– sweating so much that your face is salty and crusty
– doing a long hike where your leg muscles start shaking at the end
– playing a tennis match or set
– tubing/water skiing on a motorboat
– skiiing down a mountain
– cross-country skiing during the winter
– rock climbing
– playing softball / baseball / kickball / ultimate frisbee / basketball
– catching a ball in a mitt
– seeing vacation pictures
– driving on the highways of New Mexico
– boogie boarding at the Jersey shore
– warm, comfortable summer air at night
– seeing awesome comedy
– exploring cities and seeing the “things to see”
– open mic nights / talent shows
– the smell of pesto
– Different types of teas : green tea, lipton tea, earl gray tea, rooibos, english breakfast
– Prosecco / Cava
– Cookies : snickerdoodle, chocolate, oatmeal, sugar with sprinkles
– philosophy
– Buddhism
– Taoism
– Hinduism
– free hotel pens
– an electric heater on a cloudy, chilly morning
– staying in a nice hotel room by myself with time to spare
– attending a work conference where all you have to do is learn
– calm, peaceful neighborhoods where you can walk easily to things but still see the sky and hear birds chirp
– getting together with good friend(s) for a playdate of doing something/exploring/nice dinner
– feeling like i can say anything or nothing with people I love
– curious, quirky, kind, fun loving, positive, accepting, funny, intelligent people
– critically acclaimed films
– beautiful sunsets
– hugs
– getting a
Swedish massage
Tui Na massage
Thai massage
– radiator heaters and the clanking they make during the wintertime
– having a great costume for Halloween
– having a crush
– daydreaming
– getting the “giggles” with my sister
– Laughing with my family
– Laughing so hard that I pee in my pants or can’t breathe
– being absorbed by a book, movie, or tv show
– Shiraz red wine
– cooking together with friends or family
– Marc Maron’s observations and conversations on WTF
– Terry Gross’s intelligent, thoughtful questions
– putting on a song and dancing
– dancing with a group of good friends
– dancing with someone who can really dance
– discovering a great song and wanting to listen to again and again
– palm trees
– a free day to do whatever, whenever
– wandering around a place and exploring as I go with no particular destination
– punk music by the Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill
– hippie music by Cat Stevens, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez
– early 20th century New Orleans jazz music
– old Cuban music
– swing music
– Aesop’s fables
– having close, old friends/family nearby
– creating things alone and with people
– time to reflect and relax
– the plane ride to a long vacation overseas where you are super excited and feel free
– the plane ride back from a good vacation where you think about all the memories you just made
– making lists 🙂
– Cold, rainy days where you can watch movies
– meeting new people
– get togethers with good friends
– house parties
– writing down memories / scrapbooking
– doing home activities- cooking, cleaning, shopping
– having time to relax or a “sick day”
– getting older and feeling wiser
– learning
– people creating something and sharing it (open mikes, comedy nights, storytelling, gallery openings)
– that feeling when you come home from the grocery store and you have all this new food and you have had the money to afford it
– aching, sore muscles from a workout
– the smell of a hardware store
– Steve Kropft, Leslie Stahl, Diane Rehm and other smart, reasonable, hardworking baby boomer people
– baby boomers and their non-jaded, non-cynical approach to life
– generation x-ers and their smart, authentic way to life
– the greatest generation and their values
– millenials and their value of different experiences, changing the world, and enjoyment
– watching iTunes movie previews
– getting drunk on beer and feeling giddy
– videos of Chris Martin from Coldplay talking
– the smell of vanilla extract
– living in different places and getting used to the unique vibes/feelings/rhythms of them all
– Australian, Irish, Scottish, British, New Zealand and all accents
– the nature, greenery, ocean, surf, fog, sun, flowers of San Francisco
– nice friends and acquaintances who are good people
– my Italian family in Padova
– having a gang and feeling like you are in a good group of people at one time
– memories of good times growing up, the good people in my family
– personal grooming
– interviews with directors/writers/actors about shows/movie
– untranslateable words in different languages that have such true to life meaning
– photography and capturing beauty
– being friends with good, nice people on fbook
– how Millenials have made it okay to switch jobs all the time
– how Google has made pressure on work environments to be more fun/friendly
– raw Hawaiian maui sugar
– all the characters on the Simpsons
– waking up and having it be rainy/snowy outside
– waking up and realizing you still have some more time to sleep
– calm Sunday nights 🙂


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