San Francisco…

Chaortica is a new community of radical, ambitious, and inquisitive individuals who aim to live creatively, intentionally, and communally in the heart of San Francisco. Does that sound like you?

We envision a community of 13 creators who strive to engage not only with their own art but to collaborate with each other. We’ll take part in and shape the local culture of San Francisco by joining and creating community events.

Chaortica is a canvas for human beings who thrive on the inspiration they find in the people around them. Dream big and be bold. Imagine returning home to build, write, cook, dance and improvise with your community and friends. Imagine curating an interactive experience that encourages participants to question the nature of existence. Imagine starting a discussion series to tackle tough topics or hosting a salon to share new ideas. Imagine adventures, laughter, jams, good food, collaboration, creation, and thoughtful conversation.

We’re a community that will push you – and support you – to be your best. That means when you have your next great idea, you can stop thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if someday…” and start saying “great – let’s make it happen.”

As a new community, we will work together to shape our vision. Join us, and work with this home’s founding members to imagine the ripples that we can co-create in this city.


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